undersell un‧der‧sell [ˌʌndəˈsel ǁ -ər-] verb undersold PTandPP [-ˈsəʊld ǁ -ˈsoʊld] [transitive]
1. COMMERCE to sell goods etc at a lower price than someone else:

• We undersell all our rivals.

• They claim never to be undersold (= that nobody sells goods as cheaply as they do ) .

2. COMMERCE to sell something for less than its real value:

• When it was privatized, the water industry was massively undersold.

3. MARKETING to make people think that a product or a person is less good, effective, skilful etc than they really are:

• Don't undersell yourself at the interview.

* * *

undersell UK US /ˌʌndəˈsel/ verb (undersold)
[T] COMMERCE to sell goods for less than someone else or for less than they are really worth: »

The big chains undersell new releases at first, and then as customers continue to come, they raise the price.


The lender got the valuation wrong and undersold the flat.

[T] MARKETING to make an idea, product, opportunity, etc., seem less attractive than it really is: undersell yourself »

Many candidates undersell themselves when applying for jobs.


Our research is of good quality but a little undersold.


I don't want to undersell how difficult this is.

Compare OVERSELL(Cf. ↑oversell)
[I or T] MARKETING to sell less of something than is available, or less than the real demand for it: »

I believe this is a market that is seriously undervalued and undersold.


They offer a 5% reduction if undersold.

Compare OVERSELL(Cf. ↑oversell)

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